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A traditional-modern method

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In the last half century ‘Systemic work and constellations’ (SWO) has undergone a major development. In addition to various schools, styles and practitioners, it has become almost indispensable as a complementary form of welfare work. Also a practical form of emotional psychology with connections to philosophy, sociology and anthropology.

The systemic work can be seen as an evolved form of the social systems theory that has been known for some time now. However, systemic work continues where systems theory left off. It examines the inter- and transdynamic reality of people’s interactions and their context. In particular, that what’s unpronounced or is difficult to put into words, the systemic work seems to be able to map out (unseen) essential dynamic interactions of those involved and thus the often unresolved fields of tension.

Principles of SWO are, for example, interactions between the elements; bonding, attachment and loyalty (bal) to bonding, order and balance (bob) and place, position and role (ppr). In other words, how children are connected to their parents and families and the consequences for later relationships. Business or private related.
The uniqueness of this method is that it does not separate the person from the environment and relationships it has with others. It simplifies the complex levels we deal with every day.

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